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anonymous-noona murmurou:
Hello~ I am doing a fundraiser to help feed the hunger this holiday session, It's called K-pop fans against hunger. I was wondering if you would help out and please spread the word about it? all you would have to do is reblog the post I have made about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message and help out. <3

Sure! I don’t know if I could help through his blog, but I’ll be sure to reblog it on my main!

-Admin L

The list of things I’d do to this man is ENDLESS..

-Admin D

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Haven’t updated in a bit because of school…

Here have some Sunny boobs owo

-Admin L

Mir stop making me question my sexuality, damn.

-Admin L

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The girls of EvoL are so hot.

Especially Say and Yull.

They all have nice bodies and I just fdnskllk


-Admin L

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Everything is right about this picture. I can see a bulge in his pants. He has sexy eyes on, his lips are prepared, his has nice arms, a nice armpit (I have this weird visual fetish for airpits), he’s wearing pink everywhere……..I NEED HIM IN MY BED.

Naughty or Nice KPOP Macros

Their macros are just the best! Follow them and send requests!

-Admin D


cr: Vic小C

Oh my god. Yesung’s face…..TO MY BED NOW. Sungmin also has that demonic look like he’s making you fuck this hungry-looking man.

-Admin D


Let’s see what I’d do -> Before he gets to my cherry-flavored lollipop, I am going to do what I did before: Licking his abs….I see some titty……/slurp/. But he’s not taking off any bit of clothing, other than me ripping off those Calvin Klein underwear. Doing a little work after following that line from that yummy belly hole down. THEN he can have a taste of me. Maybe I’ll let him have the whole package, but it’s gonna be a versatile night for me.

-Admin D

I’ll start off my puling that lollipop off his mouth and make out with his precious face, then I lick his beautiful chocolate pieces, then I’ll follow the fairly invisible happy trail and make him moan. Once I get him to moan three times, it’ll head to the bed. Thing is, I’d need an excuse for the fact I got fucked by a hamster.

-Admin D